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Below are common questions and answers about our services at OFFSITE.

What makes OFFSITE better than other records vendors?

OFFSITE offers you superior personal service, second to none. Our company is built upon the philosophy of building and maintaining a close personal business relationship with you. We work closely with you at all times--even long after we first provide service to you. In order to serve you to our best ability, we stay in touch with you to respond to the needs of your company as they evolve. Also, you can always reach a live person at OFFSITE who is ready to take your order and respond to your needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What else is better, specifically, about the service you provide?

In a word: Technology. We use a records management system, that is a combination of software and hardware that enables OFFSITE to track your records every step of the way, starting at the time a records box or computer data container is first picked up from your company. Bar code labels are affixed to your items, and then scanned by our delivery personnel to verify your work order and ensure 100% accuracy every time. Once your items are scanned, you are handed a receipt listing each barcode number, date, time, person accepting the order, and delivery personnel's name. This information also goes directly into our records management database for quick search, management and retrieval. We give you a work order receipt with real-time accuracy at the time of pick up or delivery.

Can OFFSITE save me money?

Yes. Here's how...
Reduce personnel - eliminate the cost of salaries, benefits and taxes.
Reduce overhead - eliminate additional rent, insurance and utilities.
Reduce liability - count on OFFSITE for proper retention procedures, based on your retention schedules.
Increase productivity - focus on your core business by rededicating your efforts to revenue production.
Improve the flow of information - retrieve your documents in hours, not days.
You also reduce your risk of misplacing files and documents, or of losing important records to theft or fire and water damage.

How do I know my documents are safe?

The facilities storing your important documents are protected by 24-hour security systems--motion detectors, alarms, and restricted entry.

How do I know my documents won't get mixed up with someone else's?

Every item at OFFSITE is barcoded. These barcodes are assigned specifically to an account. This also helps ensure the anonymity of your documents. Each location throughout our facility is also barcoded. This ensures that we know the exact location of each and every box, file, and computer tape at all times. Every time something is moved, it is scanned into a new location. We track everything from the time it gets picked up, unloaded, put on a shelf or in a slot, pulled down, and delivered. Through the power of this barcode system, we can give you the time, day, and person involved in every movement of your items.

How does OFFSITE track all of the information in the Records Center?

OFFSITE uses a very powerful tracking program. Barcode scanners are used to scan all information. These scanners are downloaded into our database several times a day, to ensure that the database is as current as possible.

How long will it take for me to retrieve a box, file, or drawing?

Standard service is within 24 hours, but often sooner. Priority service is also available, which will get you your order on an RUSH delivery within 90 minutes.

How much does it cost to store my documents or computer tapes at OFFSITE?

Files are typically stored for mere pennies per day. For price quote please contact us by email -, or phone 734-929-1139 in Ann Arbor.

How will I know which boxes my files are in?

Before any material is removed from your site, a records management expert will meet with you to develop a strategy that meets your particular needs. At this meeting you will be given New Box Add Forms (see Resources page). All of the information from these forms will be entered into the OFFSITE database. Once the information is entered, you will receive a customized listing of your material.

Or, if you already have a complete listing of your files and boxes you can just add the OFFSITE barcode number onto the listing, then email it straight to your customer service representative. Our software can import information from most other programs and we can have all of your information imported into our system.

What type of box should I put my files in?

We highly recommend that you use double-walled letter/legal 1.2 cubic feet boxes with lids. Always use boxes that are made for file storage (not moving boxes, copy paper boxes, etc.). The cost per box through OFFSITE is usually less than you can find in stores.

How should I index my files?

The indexing of the files is the most important step in starting a successful relationship, so we want to make sure we have all the needed information. The best way to organize your index is to think of how you would request a file once it is in storage. Whatever information you use to identify a file, is the information you should use to index it. If you need help, you can meet with one of our records management experts. To set up an appointment simply contact us.

Do I have to use OFFSITE inventory sheets, if I already have my inventory on my computer?

No, if you already have a complete listing of your files and boxes you can just add the OFFSITE barcode number onto the listing, then email or fax it straight to your customer service representative. Our software can import information from most other programs directly into our system.

How do I retrieve a box or file?

To place an order, either use phone, fax or email us. Be sure to always include your name, company name, and phone number on all requests.

What do I do if I need to have boxes picked up from my office?

To place an order, either use Infokeeper, phone, fax or email us. Be sure to always include your name, company name, and phone number on all requests.

How do I get more supplies, such as boxes or barcode labels?

Either call, fax, or email us. Be sure to always include your name, company name, and phone number on all requests.

What do I do if I need a box or file after regular business hours?

OFFSITE is at your service 24x7x365, which means you'll always have access to your records. After normal business hours simply call the main number. A person with our answering service will answer your call--never a recording. Be sure to leave your name and direct telephone number with the person who answers your call so that our On-Call Personnel can get back to you right away.

If I only need one file, do I need to get the whole box?

No. Tell us what file you need and we will pull it out of the box, barcode it, and deliver it to you. Every file that is removed from a box is barcoded so that we can track its movement. This ensures that the file will never be misplaced.

If I have paperwork that needs to be placed into a file at OFFSITE do I have to access the entire file?

No,OFFSITE provides interfiling services. Just provide us with the correct box information and we will place the paperwork into the file for you. Always make sure that the company name appears on the paperwork, in case we have any questions.

Can I go through my boxes at OFFSITE?

Yes. Simply let us know what boxes you need, and when you would like to view the boxes at our facility. There will be a room reserved for your company. We request 24-hour notice to reserve a room. You can bring as many people in as you would like. A copier, fax, and phone is available to you.

Are boxes destroyed on the destroy date that is entered in the database?

No, nothing will ever be destroyed unless there is express written consent on your company letterhead by an authorized person from your company.

Can I store blue prints at OFFSITE?

Yes. OFFSITE can provide you with special boxes that are made to hold blue prints.

Can I store items other than paper records at OFFSITE?

Yes, we have both fully managed storage and self storage services provided by our sister company. Digital media tapes are not recommended in our warehouse as OFFSITE is climate-controlled, but not humidity controlled. Boxes that are not standard record center sizes are placed in specific areas and charged a unique size cost.

OFFSITE also provides a number of related storage services including commercial public warehousing, distribution facilities, fulfillment space and services. Please ask us about this.

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